Baked by Beth

My business, Baked by Beth, was started from a long history of the love for baking. My mom was continuously baking during my growing up years….pies for church socials, cinnamon rolls to give away to friends and neighborhood kids, and caramel popcorn for us and our friends. Back in 2011 I started my business up after my husband told me how good my homemade bread tasted and that I should figure out a way to sell it. That spring I started my first year of selling baked goods at the Farmers’ Market. I started out simple with a variety of breads and chocolate fudge but quickly expanded to include scones, cupcakes, and quick breads. From there I moved on to pies, cinnamon rolls, pecan rolls, and eventually maple bacon rolls. I love trying new things to bake, but notice that people will usually stick with buying their favorites.

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